Purchase Orders and School Districts

We Take Purchase Orders

Yes, we do accept purchase orders!

For purchase orders or if you need a quote for larger purchases, email our Business Development Specialist, Julie. She is more than happy and ready to provide you with personal assistance.

For your purchase order to be accepted and your order to be processed, please:

  1. Submit your purchase order by email to julie@tutorcampro.com
  2. Please be sure your purchase order contains:
    1. Contact name, phone number and email (in case we have any questions).
    2. Accounts payable name, phone number and email (we send out your invoice by email, so a valid email address is required to process your order).
    3. A purchase order number.
    4. Billing and shipping address.
    5. Clearly stated item name, unit cost, and quantity needed.
    6. If you have a tax exempt number, please attach it.
  3. If you have additional questions or details, please include those in the body of your email to Julie and also be sure to provide the contact information of the best person to reach out to for questions and to complete the order. Your order is not completed until you receive confirmation from Julie.
  4. If you have any vendor approval documents that need to be completed in order to purchase from us, please attach that in your email.

School Districts

Grappling the ongoing effects of the pandemic, is a challenge that your school district, teachers, parents, students, and community continue to face.

With expanding needs stemming from the expanding and decreasing budgets, we are providing an easy way for school districts to buy SideVia.

SideVia's simple yet effective design in providing the “side by side” feel of student to teacher closes the gap and accelerates learning even during this crisis. It also provides a tool that can be used beyond the pandemic.

After the Pandemic

Will we ever be able to gather around the teacher’s desk any more to watch a demonstration of an experiment or creation if we going forward will have to keep six feet apart? We can if your classroom has the TutorCam. Students can sit safely at their desks and closely see the demonstration projected on a monitor.

School District Requirements

Required Purchasing Documents: W-9 and Seller’s Permit


From crafting, to nail art, dungeons and dragons, gamers, and family game night, SideVia helps shorten the physical distance by bringing you side by side even when you cannot be together.

Distance Crafting with SideVia

  • Does your business provide cooking tutorials?  
  • Do you have meetings where demonstrations using pen and paper are needed?
  • Does your business want to facilitate meetings of craft groups or encourage your customers to craft together even remotely?
  • Does your shop cater to board gamers, RPG players, or D&D guilds and need a way to physically see the Players Handbook or your stats sheet?  

Becoming an affiliate gives you the ability to earn income and introduce your loyal community of customers is a helpful way to support and still encourage the passion your customers have for what you do and provide. It’s a great way to stop distance from deteriorating your business and continue to facilitate the growth of your fanbase.

Quote Requests

Are you considering a large group purchase and need to submit a request? Contact Julie, Business Development Specialist, with SideVia to assist you.

Approved Vendor

We are approved vendors and list on the Approved Vendor List for:

  • LAUSD: Los Angeles Unified School District
  • APS: Albuquerque Public Schools
  • NYC: New York City Department of Education
  • Odenville Intermediate School

Already Have a SideVia and Need Assistance?

Get on Julie's schedule for a one on one demonstration of how you can use the SideVia!