Pick Your TutorCam

Everything you need to expand your virtual classroom. Built-in LED light eliminates shadows. Weighted base keeps large tablets steady for sturdy operation. Large faceplate accommodates both phone or tablet devices
Sleek, minimalist design adds a professional yet functional style.

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LED Light Bar

A rechargeable LED light ensures no shadows on your paper. The light bar also offers soft light for face to face video.

Tablet Or Phone

The TutorCam PRO is weighted to support both phones or tablets. It also has a larger face plate to accommodate both.

Turn your smartphone, Apple iPad mini, Microsoft Surface Go, or other mini tablet into a Document Camera -- from anywhere. Fits in your backpack or bag, letting you take your remote learning and teaching on the road. Sleek, minimalist folding design adds a professional yet portable style.

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Folds Flat

Save space and keep your TutorCam out of the way when not in use. The Go folds flat and fits in a drawer or bag.

Affordable For All

Do you love the TutorCam, but wish everyone had one? We designed the Go for the masses. Let's get everyone learning.

  • “It has been a game changer for me. It is so simple to use and easy to transport. It does just what I need it to do. This was the one thing that was missing from my instruction. We (my students and I) would all like to say, "Thank You", again! The TutorCam has definitely helped to improve teaching and learning for my students and I!” - Rochelle Jamison, Southeastern High School, Detroit. Math Teacher
  • “Since using the TutorCam, the class feels more like I am in person. It has been a great addition. Thank you so much!!” - Vicki Carow, Pfluger Elementary, Texas. Specializes in Teaching Students with Dyslexia.

No new software or technology, works with everything!

Microsoft Teams for Education
Zoom in Schools
Google Meet
BlueJeans chat app
Slack for Education
Chromebook in Education
Windows10X in Education
iOS (iPhone and IPad)
Android phones and tablets

Checkout our Frequently Asked Questions for more info on all the ways you can use TutorCam!

25 Ways To Use Your TutorCam

School / College / Tutors

Work Meetings


Sports coaches

Knitting Classes

Nail Artists

Speech Pathologists

Lawyers / Accountants

Video Calls With Granny

Art / Drawing

Dungeons & Dragons

Youtube Chefs

Fashion Designers

Twitch Gamer

Drama Coach

Religious Leaders

Stamp Trading

Play Dates

Interior Decorators


Music Teacher

Online Magicians


Writing Parties

Youtube Demonstrations