How It Works

SideVia uses a special optical lens to capture video of your desk by using your mobile phone or tablet’s camera. Use it in “single camera format” or “two camera format”, whichever is most convenient.

Using a SINGLE device with SideVia

Simply join any video conference call with your phone or tablet, and place your device on the SideVia. Tap on "Flip Camera" to start using the rear camera. That's it!!! Your participants can now see your paper or book.

Using a laptop in combination with SideVia

Join the meeting with a laptop or PC. Then use the same link to join again with your phone or tablet. Tap the MUTE button and lower volume to zero to avoid audio feedback. Place it on the SideVia, and flip the camera to rear camera. You can now see each other's faces while ALSO seeing each other's desk. It's like being shoulder to shoulder.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for more info on all the ways you can use SideVia!