TutorCam for Craft Time at a Distance

TutorCam for Craft Time at a Distance

While we all can see the interruption to our children's education, another important area of our children's growth and development has been derailed as well.
As children are kept home out of necessity, they are missing out on impromptu games of hoops at neighborhood parks, crafts and snacks with friends and a multitude of other much-needed social interactions.

The Distance Crafter

While we haven't yet invented a way to play basketball together again virtually (give us time!), TutorCam brings our kids together again for crafts and snacks!
The Distance Crafter shows how a group of children stay connected with each other while maintaining proper social distances. TutorCam frees up their hands, allowing them to coordinate projects as if they were all together again.

Not just for the pandemic

The great part about TutorCam is that its versatility allows it to be used long after pandemic restrictions are gone.
As businesses transitioned to remote work, many enjoyed the freedom of living where they want to live as opposed to where they are geographically bound to live for the first time. While restrictions may lift, businesses are learning that many benefits of remote teams like greater productivity, happier work/life balances and much more.
Now, with TutorCam, you can keep your children connected to their friends no matter how far a part they live. Goodbyes can be a thing of the past as they continue to do many of the bonding activities when they lived nearby.

Endless possibilities

Maintaining connection to our long-distance loved ones is easier than ever with TutorCam. Friends can craft together, Grandmas can still impart their time-honored family recipes, and parents away on business trips or military deployments can enjoy nightly story time without missing a beat!

How have you used TutorCam to keep your children connected to friends and distant loved ones? Let us know in the comments below!

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