SideVia joins educators at ISTELive 21! June 26-30

SideVia joins educators at ISTELive 21! June 26-30

As educators around the globe gather virtually at ISTELive 21 under the common vision of “Designing a New Learning Landscape,” SideVia will be there to offer support as well as engage in important conversations about the future of education.

For more than 40 years, the International Society for Technology in Education is a global community that seeks to inspire necessary changes in education as we advance in technology.

This year, they are tackling hard hitting topics such as micro-personalization, the increasing divide in education inequality, and if there’s a place for games, even eSports, in education.

Some panels will address lingering topics surrounding the pandemic, as expected. However, most of the panels surrounding the question “Where do we go from here?”

Reading through panel descriptions, there’s an energetic vibe and refreshing optimism that appears to gravitate towards embracing diversity, varying learning styles and an education experience that is highly personal for our students.

ISTELive21 promises to be five immersive days “unlike any other online conference out there.” We’re looking forward to joining educators as they strive to map out a future uncharted.

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