Nevada-based Tutor helps her dyslexic students connect

Nevada-based Tutor helps her dyslexic students connect

Meet Bonnie Meyers

Outside looking in, Bonnie Meyers may seem like an average, everyday tutor. Look closer, and you just might see a corner of her cape peeking out from behind her.

Bonnie is a certified tutor with Barton Reading & Spelling System, and in our eyes, a Grade A Superhero! She works with broad range of ages, five to 17-year-olds that struggle with lifelong learning challenges like dyslexia and dysgraphia.

Dyslexia and Distance

Treatment for dyslexia often involves what they call “multi-sensory instruction”, where students are taught how to use all their senses: hearing, touch, sight, sound and even smells, while training their brains to decode the written word more efficiently.

Under normal circumstances, the goal can be overwhelming. During times of isolation and distancing, it can seem impossible. Rather than giving into frustrations and limitations, Bonnie looked for ways to continue maximizing the effectiveness of her tutoring sessions, even in the 2D world of online learning.

That’s when Bonnie found SideVia.

“I truly appreciate the TutorCam (now SideVia), mostly because it has allowed me to actually see what my students are writing and how they are forming letters,” Bonnie said, “I use my TutorCam PRO everyday with each of my students. I have loaned each my students in 1st through 5th grade a TutorCam to use during our classes.”

Bonnie found SideVia to be an affordable solution because like many teachers and tutors, her solutions had to fit within her own personal budget.

“I now own 5 SideVias and 1 SideVia PRO,” she explains, “My second SideVia came to me through the 100 Heroes program! From that, I ordered 3 more after seeing their value with so many of my students. I now loan them to my students. The SideVia PRO, I use for myself because of its stability.”
Bonnie Meyers uses her TutorCam to visually enhance her lessons with her students.

Visually Enhance Lessons

SideVia turned her tablet into a document camera with its simple, yet brilliant prism allowing her students to see her workspace in real time. If all that sounds technical, it isn’t! SideVia requires no additional software or applications to use.

Since Bonnie’s work requires her to see and guide her students as they work through their lessons, SideVia has been a game changer for them.

“I can watch them do their handwriting warm-up exercises, trace the alphabet and the write the alphabet on paper to ensure they are using correct letter formation. I also have my SideVia PRO going so they can see me demonstrate how and where to put their name, date, etc on the paper,” Bonnie goes on to explain, “Before we had the SideVia they could write on paper, but then they’d hold up their completed writing to show me, as best they could. But by that point the letters were already formed, writing had already happened and there was no way to correct them. It was enough of an effort to simply write!”

As her students grow older, most transition to typing on keyboards, but she has a couple that prefer to continue handwritten work, “The SideVia allows them to feel more connected, like we are together in person!”

Reading, Writing and Connection

Using SideVia to maintain personal connection has been a theme that the SideVia community has tapped into just as much as its benefits to remote teaching. “I also have a student who LOVES to put her DogMan book under the SideVia and read to me!!” she beams, “I have one student who loved it so much, he now uses it with ALL of his remote teachers, so his parents purchased one for him! Before it arrived he tried his best to replicate it by taping his phone to a box!”
Being able to follow along with her students as they work has been a real game changer.

Bonnie is now able to bring back those much needed in-person elements to her lessons, “We can share our manipulatives on the SideVia,” Bonnie states, “With my older students I am able to show them our visual cue-cards, what we used to use on our desk when in-person teaching happened.”

Online Learning

Nothing makes us happier at SideVia than hearing how we’ve enabled teachers and tutors, therapists and education specialists to continue their vital work with their students even in the midst of a pandemic. It’s exactly the vision Brandon Kennington had when he invented it.

The long reaching effects of our current pandemic are far from over. Even with the staggered release of COVID vaccinations, school districts make plans for appropriate action that extend into the 2021-2022 school year and beyond.
Online and hybrid learning, just like remote work, are here to stay.
We’re blown away daily by people like Bonnie Meyers, whose stories teach us that, with a little creativity and innovation, we will continue to learn, grow and thrive!

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I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Bonnie for more than a decade and the privilege of watching her develop meaningful teaching skills. She’s a true gem and certainly a super hero in my life…. congratulations Bonnie😊RD

Rick Davis

An inspiring story!

Maryanne Jerome

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