Show Off Your Culinary Skills, Remotely!

Show Off Your Culinary Skills, Remotely!

 Show Off Your Culinary Skills, Remotely!

by Melody Keilig

You love to cook and show off your amazing culinary creations. So when you share a new video of your latest fantastic recipe, you can’t wait to hear feedback from your fellow foodies. 

But how can you get those perfect up-close shots of your mouthwatering dishes without touching your phone? 

It’s important now more than ever to ensure sanitation in the kitchen, and washing your hands in between multiple takes only distracts you from your cooking skills. 

Plus, handling your phone yourself can result in its own distraction. Ever do the one-hand maneuver while chopping with the other? Say goodbye to that challenging method! 

The secret to culinary success is SideVia, the compact toll that holds your phone in place to record while you do you chop, dice, and simmer. SideVia is sturdy and adjustable, so it’s as hands-free as it can get. 

Simply slide the bottom of the SideVia underneath your cutting board, attach the prism to the magnetic backing, place your phone on the stand, adjust the prism to your phone’s back-facing camera, hit record, and you’ve got your cooking show rolling! 

How does it work? Because SideVia is a low-tech solution to a high-tech problem, the prism acts as a mirror that reflects the view of your phone’s back-facing camera to your phone screen. That’s it! 

Plus, your meals get up-close and personal with the camera all without you having to wipe your hands off, maneuver your phone to get the perfect shot, only to have to wash your hands. Again. 

Demonstrate proper knife handling, the best way to chop an onion, how to make the perfect homemade salad dressing, or the foolproof secret to making that adorable cake you saw on Pinterest! 

When you’re done filming, you can easily fold the SideVia and store it underneath your cutting board in the drawer or anywhere you have extra room without sacrificing counterspace. 

Do you have another camera filming, like a DSLR or another phone? Work with SideVia to offer your audience interesting angles and up-close shots mixed with your commentary. 

But if you want to remain minimal yet professional, SideVia can certainly deliver! So get ready to cook your way to culinary success with the best low-tech solution available. 

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