Rebecca Nova: Keep Your Kids Engaged in Learning and Social

Rebecca Nova: Keep Your Kids Engaged in Learning and Social

Rebecca Nova is a third grade teacher in New York City and one of our One Hundred Heroes. Like many teachers, Rebecca found herself scrambling when her school closed its doors nearly overnight and switched to 100% remote learning.

“Making sure each child is logged into the virtual classroom and attending each lesson can be challenging. However, not having the proper technology has been even more challenging. During many lessons (especially math), the students need to see what the teacher is doing.”

Like Tricia Louis, Rebecca turned to creative solutions in order to solve this dilemma.

“I've made different stands for my phone and/or iPad so I can lay the device on it and work underneath so the students can learn. I have used cans to hold up the phone by balancing, but sometimes it was too far or too close, no in the middle. I eventually moved to my floor and balancing my phone/iPad on my draw.

“I have tried a mirror (purchased) and it didn't work out well, sent it back. I saw someone used a CD to reflect, cool idea, but I didn't have a CD handy to try. I used to have a document camera and it doesn't work. I started giving up and moving everything to the computer. I would find online whiteboards, digital versions of the books, digital math tools. It doesn't work well, I miss having a document camera so I can hook it up to the computer and model to the students how to do something.”

As far as her plans for TutorCam in her classroom, "I believe TutorCam will make teaching easier by the students being able to see what is going on when I'm modeling. It will help share books with the students. I won't have to worry about building something out of cans anymore and it would be great for in the building and at home."

One thing that concerns Rebecca is the emotional and social impact on her students, “Many of the students haven't seen their friends and classmates in a very long time. That can take a huge toll on a person. The children say all the time how much they miss each other and their friends. Each morning, we talk about social emotional things with the students.”

As regulations and lockdowns linger on, it’s important for us to make sure that our children have the chance to still have fun and connect with their friends. While Minecraft, PUBG and other games offer some social connection, we’ve seen our TutorCams in action for arts & crafts playdates as well as kids cooking together. My own daughter has taken to watching her favorite shows with her friends while using TutorCam as a camera stand for easy hands-free chatting that helps them see each other’s faces and reactions as they visit with one another. She’s even managed to reconnect with friends that have moved away.

Thank you, Rebecca, for all you are doing for your school and students.

Want to know more about how TutorCam can help outside of the classroom? Check out our 25 Ways to Use TutorCam to help get you started.

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