Keep Your Family Close While You Serve

Keep Your Family Close While You Serve


Keep Your Family Close While You Serve

by Melody Keilig


It’s the toughest job in the world to be away from your family, especially your children. You can’t be there every day during your absence to watch them learn and grow. Even with technology giving you access to each other, it’s not completely solid. 

Typical video chat can only do much when your child has homework or a new book to read with you. To share anything on your workspace, you have to hold it up to your computer’s webcam, which brings its own challenges. Plus, you can’t even see what you’re showing when holding up a book to your webcam! Trying to point to specific words becomes impossible. 

And, if your kids don’t have good lighting, it can be difficult to see what they’re working on or reading. When they hold it up to the webcam, the view of their work can get too close and even blurry. Also, helping your child with homework takes much longer when they have to keep holding up their work to the camera for you to see. 

That’s why SideVia offers the best solution for parents serving away from their families. With the SideVia phone stand, you have the perfect view of your child’s workspace. You can see their homework and help them through every problem, all without them having to hold their work up to the camera. Instead, you can both work together as if you’re sitting right beside them. 

If you both have the same book, you can read to your child and watch them follow along on their end. SideVia makes these precious moments all the more remarkable when you can see their reading progress in real-time. Even if their classroom is still virtual, they can show you what they’re working on in class through their workbooks and other homework. 

Setting up the SideVia stand is quick and easy, even in a rush. Simply unfold it onto a flat surface, connect the prism mirror to the magnetic backing, place your phone on the stand, align the prism to your phone’s back camera, and that’s it! You’re ready to connect with your family in seconds. 

The best feature of the SideVia is its simplicity with no wires, hardware, or apps to download. In fact, there’s no technology on the SideVia: it works because of the prism mirror reflecting the view from your phone’s back-facing camera. So you never have to worry about bringing extra batteries, cords, or finding an outlet everywhere you go. 

SideVia is also completely portable and travel-friendly, being compact enough to fit in your duffle bag for you to take anywhere in the world. So, no matter where you’re serving, you can connect with your family in a more meaningful way and really see what they’re up to while you’re away. 

Watch your child draw, craft, or read a book with them before bedtime. Get caught up on the moments that matter in your family’s life and never miss another birthday, family night, or show-and-tell session. 

So don’t struggle with typical webcams to stay in close contact with your loved ones. Instead, get the SideVia phone stand and get the best view of your children’s books and homework, family photos and other mementos, and more personal moments that remind you of why you serve. 

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