Beauty Content Made Easy With Sidevia


Beauty Content Made Easy With Sidevia

by Melody Keilig
Ready to build your beauty empire? 

If you’ve got a growing talent for beauty and style, get better at doing what you love by sharing your latest work with the world! Practice your best red lip and bold cat-eye liner and show off your timeless style in livestreams and recorded videos. 

But what about equipment? Do you need the latest and greatest, even if you aren’t the most tech-literate? 

The usual equipment includes a professional DSLR camera, tripod, and high-quality lighting. Although these tools are awesome for stepping into the beauty content game, if they don’t meet your budget, you might wonder if you’re missing out on creating great content. Or,  if you’re not interested in bulky equipment, does this mean your videos won’t be as professionally curated? 

Not at all! With the SideVia phone stand, you can give your gorgeous content a major boost. 

With its genius simplicity, all you have to do is take it out of the box and place your phone or mini tablet on its stand. Attach the prism to the magnetic backing and turn on your device’s photo or video feature. 

The prism acts as a mirror that reflects the view of your workspace from the back-facing camera of your device to the screen. Now you’re ready to start livestreaming or recording content to showcase your beauty workspace! 

Film unboxings, product reviews, hauls, makeup tutorials, skincare regimens, nail art, and more! Give your audience of fellow beauty lovers an up-close view of everything you share with them without dragging out extra camera equipment. 

Use your workspace to better utilize all of your beauty products with high-definition hand swatches of the latest eyeshadow palette, lipstick collection, or foundation line! 

Switch up the view to demonstrate a makeup tutorial or show off your latest hairstyle, step-by-step. Let your device do the heavy lifting while you do what you do best and teach others the freshest beauty looks! 

Here’s your complete tutorial on mastering the beauty game with SideVia! 

No matter how much equipment you have, you can complete a full video using your phone with SideVia. So if that’s the only camera you have on hand, no worries! 

Once you have your phone set on the SideVia stand, set up your beauty workspace with everything you need to film your video. Let’s say you want to record a product review for an eyeshadow palette, complete with hand swatches and up-close shots of every shade. 

Film your intro and outro with your gorgeous face and then switch the view down to your hands holding the products. You’ll be able to record hands-free to put the focus where it matters most. 

Catch your first impressions and switch between products or shade swatches without having to touch your phone. Once you have your footage, edit any way you please, and share your fabulous review! 

If you want to have more equipment on deck, such as a DSLR camera, check out these steps to perfectly pair these tools together to create a flawless video. 

Set up your DSLR in the best position for your video to frame your face. Then, set up the SideVia over your workspace. Now you can film both your first impression face-on and swatch or demonstrate the beauty product you’re sharing with your audience. Combine the footage in editing and you’ve got a professional beauty video on your hands! 

No matter how much equipment you have on hand, SideVia can be your one-and-only stand that acts as the perfect tripod to get those aesthetic shots of your products. Get professional aerial shots of your workspace every time and focus on giving your audience of fellow beauty-lovers your best commentary on the latest must-haves! 

Because nobody does beauty like you. 

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