25 Ways To Use Your TutorCam

25 Ways To Use Your TutorCam

Yep, life is tough right now.

COVID-19 is shutting schools again and your plans to catch up with loved ones over the festive season have been thrown in the trash can.

How was your workday? Oh really? You started work at 6am, ended at midnight, had 12 Zoom calls, six Google Meets and did not get out of your pajama pants all day? You changed into your work clothes from the waist up? Nice. It is the 2020 way.

We have some good news.

TutorCam is here to help and you can even keep wearing your pajama pants.

The TutorCam Story

The remote learning device was born out of the COVID-19 pandemic. California dad, mechanical engineer and inventor extraordinaire Brandon Kennington was inspired to create TutorCam when he helped teach a math class via Google Meet at his kids’ elementary in the early days of the pandemic. Brandon and the 5th Graders could see each other’s faces thanks to Google Meet, but Brandon struggled to demonstrate to the class how to work out the math problems. He wanted to show the pencil and paper he was scribbling on.

He began designing TutorCam prototypes and a few months later TutorCams were being used in classrooms around the world.

NBC’s Today Show declared them as a “must-have” in a recent segment.

Teachers agree. TutorCam headquarters has received love letters from teachers thankful for their Tutor Cams.

That’s not all. The world has become creative in how they use their TutorCams.

Here's 25 Examples On How To Use Your TutorCam

  • SCHOOL/COLLEGE/TUTORS: TutorCam was designed for remote learning and the reaction from teachers and students has been amazing. TutorCam is a document camera stand. It uses a special optical lens to capture video of the textbook, document, piece of paper etc. on your desk by using your mobile phone or tablet’s camera. Simply join any video conference call with your phone or tablet and place your device on the TutorCam. They are inexpensive. Easy-to-use and do not need new software, an app or other technology.

  • WORK ZOOM ETC. MEETINGS: Sure, there’s lots of fancy ways to show work colleagues your exquisitely crafted budget proposals, reports, expense sheets and other documents during your online meetings. BUT … sometimes you feel like Brandon when he was teaching the 5th Graders back in March. You want to go old school with pencil and paper to show your work to colleagues in real time. TutorCams allow you to do that. Your boss will be impressed.
  • TELEMEDICINE/TELELMEDICINE/NURSE: Online medical services have become a way for doctors/nurses to assess patients instead of face-to-face consultations. Doctors can use a TutorCam to show the patient diagrams, photos and other materials to help with a diagnosis. The patient can use a TutorCam to show a rash, scratch, suspect mole or body part for the doctor to assess.
  • SPORTS COACHES: So, your big game is on Friday night, your star quarterback and offensive line are stashed away in the final days of their quarantine and you want to run through some plays. There are methods to do that on iPads or computers, but you are a crusty old coach who likes to do his X’s and O’s on a whiteboard. TutorCam is the solution. The crusty old coach can invite his team to a Zoom meeting and with his TutorCam and mini whiteboard on his desk and black marker in hand can go through the plays.

  • KNITTING CLASSES: TutorCam received an email a few days ago from Ellen, the leader of a knitting club. Ellen’s regular face-to-face meet ups with her crew were cancelled because of COVID-19. Ellen was so excited. She just purchased a TutorCam and the knitting club will now be able to see Ellen knit one, purl two in real time.
  • ART/DRAWING/CALLIGRAPHY CLASSES: You are an art or calligraphy teacher. You need to continue your classes online. TutorCam solves the problem. The teacher can demonstrate how to use the correct colors and brush strokes to replicate Picasso’s Blue Period or flourish the alphabet. If the students have TutorCams they can show the teacher their masterpieces in real time.

  • DUNGEONS & DRAGONS/CHESS/MONOPOLY ETC: How do you play Dungeons & Dragons, Chess, Risk, Monopoly or other tabletop and boardgames with friends and family remotely during the pandemic? TutorCam. We have had some great feedback from customers raving about how TutorCam helped them connect.

  • YOUTUBE CHEF: Do you want to be the next Gordon Ramsay, Rachael Ray or Guy Fieri? Are you shooting your own YouTube cooking tutorials? It can be tricky on a tight budget to get multiple quality camera angles. How about the money shot: a simultaneous overhead shot of your mixing bowl or cutting board? TutorCam is the solution.
  • FASHION DESIGNERS: You are getting married. You cannot physically meet the designer of your dress. The consultation has to be online, but you want to explain in the most minute detail how you want your dress to look. Your designer wants to sketch it out as your talk. You have photos of dresses you like. Alleviate communication breakdowns with TutorCams on your video calls. You want to look good on your big day!

  • PLAY DATES: The pandemic and winter weather have made playdates for the kids tough to organize. Your son wants to play Lego with his best pal. Your daughter wants to show her bestie how she has dressed up Barbie. Hook them up to a Zoom call and set up the TutorCam. They can see each other and their creations at the same time. The kids will have a ball.
  • TWITCH GAMERS: You want to get better at Fortnite, Call of Duty, League of Legends or Overwatch. You spend hours observing the pros on Twitch. You need to see more. Twitch game streamers are often asked how they place their hands on their keyboards for optimal mechanical reflexes. TutorCam is ideal for that.
  • INTERIOR DECORATORS: The pandemic has forced you to spend 24/7 locked up inside your home. You notice the carpet and drapes need upgrades and the walls need new paint. You have no idea what colors, fabrics or paints to use. You want to talk to a human but prefer not to breathe the same air. TutorCams are the perfect bridge for homeowners and interior decorators to hook up in an online video call and show samples live.
  • JEWELLERS: Hey you. Yeah you! Time is up. It is time you got down on bended knee and proposed to your beautiful partner. You have been locked up together for months in the pandemic and if you can survive that you can survive marriage … maybe! Jewelers and customers can use TutorCams to show rings and other jewelry in a video call.
  • MUSIC TEACHERS/BANDS: TutorCam has received some great feedback from music teachers and bands on how our device brings teachers/students and band members together despite being miles (even thousands of miles) away. California band leader Andria told us when she is introducing a new concept or piece of music to band members during a remote video session, they have to count out the rhythms and write in the counts. Andria’s TC allows her to demonstrate it. She no longer has to hold a piece of paper up to her laptop camera. Nice one Andria!
  • ONLINE MAGICIANS: Virtual magic shows have become a hit during the pandemic. You want to see the magician’s hands up close, right? You want to see the bunny getting pulled out of the magician’s hat. TutorCams have become an online magician’s best friend (and close-up camera angle).

  • NAIL ARTISTS: Online nail tutorials have also become the rage as pandemic hermits look for something interesting to do. Just like online chefs, magicians and other YouTubers, TutorCams are tailormade for nail artists looking to build an online following and show off their creations.

  • SPEECH PATHOLOGISTS: Perhaps the most heart-warming story we have heard is how TutorCam has helped Virginia 21-year-old Joel and his incredible speech pathologist educator Cathy Daley. Joel has an intellectual disability and his sessions with Cathy are a steppingstone for him to secure a job. When the pandemic hit his face-to-face classes ended and Joel and Cathy tried to continue via video conferencing. It was difficult. Joel works on a software program Proloquo2Go and Cathy needs to know how Joel arrived at his answer. TutorCam allows them to do that. You’re awesome Joel and Cathy!
  • YOUTUBE PRODUCT DEMONSTRATIONS: YouTube product demonstrations need to be high-quality, slick productions to keep eyeballs focused on your video. Grab a TutorCam. It is the inexpensive, high-quality, simple solution for an extra camera angle.
  • RELIGIOUS LEADERS: Church services sadly have also moved online. Religious leaders can integrate TutorCams into their sermons. They can add an extra screen during their broadcasts to focus on the words of a Bible passage, prayer or hymn.
  • SCRAPBOOKING/HOBBY-CRAFT: Yep, there’s no need to abandon your scrapbooking and hobby-craft gatherings during the pandemic. Sign into your video conferencing platform and plug in your TutorCam to easily show your friends your gorgeous creations. TutorCam is a scrapbooker’s new best friend.
  • WRITING PROMPT PARTIES: It is another pandemic sensation. Live online writing prompt parties. It is a great way for writers to interact and become members of writing communities. TutorCams have become a great addition to the parties.
  • VIDEO CALLS WITH GRANNY: Your granny is thousands of miles away and you want to see her beautiful face. You connect via Google Meet, Skype or another video platform. You want to show granny photos of her grandkids or the grandkids want to show her their latest art project. Get out the TutorCam. You can show the photos and talk about them at the same time. Granny will love it.
  • LAWYERS/ACCOUNTANTS: The pandemic has also made face-to-face consultations with your lawyer and accountant difficult. Document cameras are essential during video calls. You want to see the legal and accounting documents in real time. With a TutorCam you won’t have a screen full of confusing windows. Your lawyer or accountant can go page-to-page.
  • STAMP/TRADING CARD COLLECTORS: Stamp and trading card collectors are all about the details. They want to see the quality of the card. When you are viewing stamps or cards online it is hard to get a good view. Yep, TutorCam to the rescue.
  • DRAMA COACH: You are drama coach and have the next Meryl Streep or Robert De Niro as a student. The pandemic is messing up your acting classes. You are attempting to do it with Zoom, but you want to highlight the script you are reading from. Lights. Camera. Action. Switch on the TutorCam!

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“I have a Lenovo chrome book. Will it work with my chrome book?” – Angelica Guillen February 18, 2021

The TutorCam can work with your Chrome book if you use it as a tablet and that it has a rear camera. We recommend using the TutorCam Pro as it can handle up to 10lbs in weight.

To use your Chrome book instead to view the TutorCam’s captured image like on a laptop. You just need to have a video chat app that can be used on your two devices.

If you have any more questions feel free to browse our FAQ or email us.

FAQ: https://tutorcampro.com/pages/faq
Customer Service Email: customerservice@tutorcampro.com

TutorCam Customer Serivce

I have a Lenovo chrome book. Will it work with my chrome book?

Angelica Guillen

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